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Goldsmithing with Nancy


The goldsmithing courses are being held by goldsmith Nancy Solleveld, who received her goldsmithing qualification in Schoonhoven.

Building on over a decade of experience in the jewellery trade, Nancy now has her own studio in Zoetermeer called Nancydesign where she produces bespoke designs to suit her clients' requirements, and also gives courses and workshops in the fine art of goldsmithing in the Nancydesign studio in the Hague.

The main purpose of the courses and workshops
Is to teach participants the whole process, from start to finish, of creating handmade jewellery.

The teaching is largely practical in nature but a small amount of theory is also necessary to explain why some things are done the way they are.

Topics discussed will include:

- base materials and precious metals
  (copper, brass, alpaca (German Silver), titanium, silver, gold, (gem)stones.
- tools and equipment for manipulating metal
  (basic selection of pliers, hammers, combination wals, tools for soldering etc.)
- techniques
  (sawing, doming, bending, drilling, filing, emerying, polishing, forging, soldering, casting)
- talk shop
- design


Materials & tools & literature
Different tools and special literature are present in the studio, but some basic equipment is required to take part in a course.

Students are welcome to bring their own equipment, or order it in advance from Nancydesign to ensure that everything needed is present when the course starts. Prices are available on application for complete kits or individual items.

Material like copper, brass, alpaca silver and gold must be bought or provided by the participants. In consultation with me you can buy it at the course or in the webshop of Nancydesign.


Course summary:

Beginners' class:
The beginner starts with a advanced elementary instruction.
In here the elementary techniques will be taught through practical exercises.

These are:
Drawing, measuring, sawing, drilling, filing, emerying, polishing, bending.

At the end of the beginner's class you have your own selfmade, and handmade jewellery from German silver, copper or brass or silver depending of the skill, quickness, time you put in it. practice makes perfect
After becoming proficient, you can continue your instruction.

To design your own jewellery is fun, exciting, and an important apart of the work. During the process you will run in to certain difficulties which the instructor will help you solve.

Advancestyle:  Here you will be given an exercise, making a piece of jewellery to practice and develop the following techniques:

Melting (to make silverwire- and plate)
Pull wire

If there is sufficient interest sometimes workshops (mini courses) will be given. A special subject comes up for discussion for example embossing or making chains. It depends of the subject if certain foreknowledge is require





Course price


Beginners' class



Beginners' class






Kids' workshop. (inclusive material)



Sawing and drillingworkshop



Forging workshop



Silver bracelet workshop



Silver ring workshop



Casting workshop (Delft method)



Embossing workshop 



Soldering workshop



Silver clay workshop (includes material)


EUR 75

·           The mentioned prices are subject to change

The use of relevant machines and tools is included in the price. Material is not included. Each lessons lasts 2 hours.

Every course year is divided into two seasons, courses
starting in September and February.

The Hague:
The studio is located, in
the Hague. Tram lines 3 are a six minute walk away. Paid parking 

Number of course participants

A minimum of 8 participants are required to continue a course.

No more than 12 participants will be accepted on any course; this is to ensure that each participant receives enough attention.

Registration is possible. Fill in the
registration form below the governing rules, print it, sign it and fax it or send it by post.

Read, before you register,  the governing rules of the course. Electronic communication as a fax or e-mail has the same validity
as a written agreement. When you register you agree with the governing rules. All registrations received will be confirmed in writing.
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