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zondag, 05 juli 2020


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Silver Clay Workshop PDF Print E-mail
What does the silverclay workshop cover ?

Over about 4 hours I will introduce to you a precious metal named silverclay. This product comes from Japan, it is kneadable like clay, made of pure silver powder with water and a binder, so anyone can make easily their own  silver jewellery.
First of all I will explain to you how it works and what you have to do, by showing you a video demonstration. After that, you are free to make your own creation of fantastic designs, starting with simple designs until you feel comfortable with the clay. During the first workshop you will make a silver ring. There are several models present to copy, it is better when you have thought in advance about your design before you start. You will feel more at ease, and you can concentrate more on your design and the finishing touches of your piece of jewellery. During the workshop  I will tell you also some tips and tricks so you can do it at home with ordinary domestic utensils
  These rings are ready to go into the oven.Image2.jpg 
These rings just came from the oven and need to be futher sanded with emery and polished 
  After heating in the oven only fine silver remains.

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